So many images and words from yesterday. And here I sit thinking, how on earth do I walk into my school tomorrow–my classroom, tomorrow–pretending it is all okay.

Because you know what? It’s NOT okay. This is not okay.

I keep reading, “We are better than this.”

But are we? I mean “we” obviously are NOT better than this–because..

it. keeps.happening.

Teach Peace.

Teach(ers). Peace.

This is the unwritten curriculum. This, really, is what we are here for Teach(ers).


We exemplify this in our classrooms.

We do not tolerate meanness.

We have to continue to be the ones who are better than this to create others who are better than this.

It’s a precarious place, right, teachers?

But y’all. This? This is not political. This is not ethical. This is not religious. This is KINDNESS.


Character education has sort of gone the way of the wagon at least in the schools where I interact. I mean they may highlight a word or two here and there, but what are we doing to build the affective needs of our learners?

Obviously something is wrong for human beings, who in the macro are just like you and me, to feel that their only way to have their beliefs, their words, their ideals heard–is to mow someone down with a vehicle.

Teaching peace is teaching resilience.

It’s being a DUCK. Ever watch a duck in water? The water beads right off of them. Even though they may be paddling like the dickens underneath.

Teaching peace starts with teaching peace of self within our own learners. Accepting themselves. Loving themselves. Listening to themselves. Being patient with themselves.

Helping them see things like:

  • the world is bigger than just Y-O-U
  • little things don’t matter, really–be a duck, remember?
  • everything doesn’t have to be perfect
  • opinions need to be thoughtful
  • shouting gets you nowhere
  • when you do for others you do for you

Teaching Peace is teaching perspective. It’s teaching listening. It’s teaching respect. It’s teaching embracing differences. It’s teaching understanding. It’s teaching love. It’s teaching patience.

The unwritten curriculum.

Teaching is a humanistic profession.

We teach them. All. We love them. All. 

Teachers must have different eyes.  Teachers must have different hearts. We have to use these differences–so this cannot keep happening.

Please. Teach Peace.


Author: Dr. Valerie King

Quirky thinker. Joyful teacher. Perpetual learner. For the Kids.

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