Dear Teachers

Dear Teachers,

My child starts school tomorrow. Except, this time, I won’t be watching her walk down the corridor, bows primly tied in her hair.

No. This time, my child is starting school as a teacher.

I remember my first day of school, and the many first days since the momentous FIRST ever day. Like most teachers, I don’t sleep the night before my first day.

Tonight? It will be much the same for me, I think. Even though it’s not my first day; because, in effect, it IS my first day…again.

There are some things, teachers, I have to ask of you. Things I wish my teachers were aware of my first day (and many days since!)

Treat her kindly.

Show her where the copy room is.

Don’t let her eat alone.

Please don’t discourage her by saying, “We don’t do things like that here.”

Don’t hand her a notebook of copies for the semester.

Don’t quash her creativity.

Avoid the phrase, “I bet they didn’t teach you THAT in college.”

Please don’t “fill her in” on her students.

Ask her how her day is going.

Don’t tell her she looks as young as a student. (Though she does!)

Learn from her enthusiasm.

Don’t fill her ears with gossip about other teachers or parents.

Listen when she asks questions.

Compliment the hard work she is putting in.

Share you story with her.

Nudge her to share her story, too.

Tell her to breathe.


She has the passion and the enthusiasm and the deep sense of caring that students need.

I trust you in the same way that I have trusted her teachers when she was on the other side of the learning.

She is one of us now. We owe it to her to stand shoulder to shoulder and lift her because, as her Momma, I know she has the heart to lift you, too!

Author: Dr. Valerie King

Quirky thinker. Joyful teacher. Perpetual learner. For the Kids.

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